Don’t worry, you’ll “figure it out”…

Let’s talk about family and work:

“Our parents had one job-
We will have five-
Our kids will have five at one time.”…

The above paraphrase is from photography innovator Chase Jarvis on the Gary Vee podcast this morning. As usual it touched on so many threads from my own “wantreprenrueurial” experience.

This bit is for anyone who is currently forging their work path (this should be anyone who is working in the marketplace):

Elders want to see you emulate their path, because each example they see of you doing life differently than they did casts doubt on the validity of their own path.

Again, rephrased- Aunt Sally, Cousin Mike, your Dad, whoever it is- when they’re playing that undermining game where you tell them about your work life and they say “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out”- because of course you HAVEN’T “figured it out,” they wanna be real clear about that- What’s really going on there is they want reassurance 1) that their way was the “right” way- because deep down they are full of regret and wondering about what would’ve happened if they actually followed their dreams- and 2) (this is the big one)- they don’ want to think the world has actually changed as much as it has.

They fear irrelevance. Because they are irrelevant.

They don’t HAVE to be irrelevant. You can be 95 and the most relevant. You can be 25 and completely hopeless in he 21st century (I meet these people all the time).

The common denomiator? An unwillingness to learn and to change. “The way the world used to be was good enough.”

That world is gone. Praise be.

The industrial economy rewarded compliance.
The connection economy rewards creativity.

Let’s get creative, folks.

4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, you’ll “figure it out”…

  1. Josh, I’ll have to agree with your comments. For me (and you know me), I allowed my kids to choose their own path and gave them all the support and advise my mind and wallet could handle. It is a different world out there and being able to adjust to it is the key.

    I’ll also have to agree that guitars DO ruin lives!!!


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