On being Insta-Amish, getting the most twang out of your Warlock, and Shelton does The Byrds does Dylan

Josh tells you what to expect from this thing as we catalog life with guitars beyond the stage and screen.

Full discussion here, including Dylan’s “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” complete with Clarence White pedal steel licks on Josh’s all purpose metal guitar.             https://youtu.be/lZo4xsrbOgw

Guitars Ruin Lives.

So, Guitars Ruin Lives is a thing now.


This project is the tip of an iceberg-sized preoccupation with the way musicmaking in general and guitar playing in particular is presented in this day an age- a “performance” of microscopic proportions, the narrowing of a life-sized craft into Instagram clips and click-track powered YouTube pornography (I mean literally, the term “guitar porn” exists for a reason).

It is a manifesto against the prevailing unspoken ethos of photoshopped, botoxed noisemaking in the era of The Voice and Facebook Live.

Music doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Concerts don’t come from a box.

Making music is not a hobby for the musicmakers.

And life with guitars isn’t pretty.

I promise you engaging original content about the inner workings of the best guitar players I know, thoughtful commentary on guitar culture as it has, does, and will exist, and no shortage of fresh guitar playing on display from me and my friends.

Welcome to the anti-guitar culture guitar culture blog which, to quote the radio man from O Brother Where Art Thou, I predict you gonna enjoy thirrly.